Grants and Supports(Maintain)

Grants and Supports

KCASES Work Experience Programme

In order for Job Seekers to gain work experience and for the Job Seeker, Employer and Job Coach to assess the Employment to see if it is suitable to all parties, KCASES will facilitate a work experience programme with Employers for up to 7 weeks.

The aim of the Work Experience Programme is a trial period to see how the work is suitable to the person and also to assess how the person can get to work or if there are any adaptations to the work place that may need to put in place in order for the person to perform their duties. Any needs that the person may have with regard to obtaining and retaining Employment, is generally highlighted during the work Experience.

People with disabilities may be entitled to apply for the following grants to assist them source or maintain employment:

The Wage Subsidy Scheme

The wage subsidy scheme is operated by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. It provides financial support (€5.30 per hour) to employers, outside the public sector, who employ people with disabilities who work a minimum of 21 hours per a week.

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Workplace Equipment / Adaptation Grant (WEAG)

Provides funding for a person with a disability who is starting or already in employment to make their workplace more accessible or equipment easier to use.

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Job Interview – Interpreter Grant (JIIG)

Grant for an interpreter to accompany a person with a speech or hearing impairment to a job interview.

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Personal Reader Grant (PRG)

Provides funding to employ a personal reader to assist someone who is blind or visually impaired in their work.

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Employee Retention Grant Scheme (ERGS)

Aims to help employers retain employees who become disabled through sickness or injury.

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